7 Tech Jobs With Salaries $100,000 Or Higher

Whether one resides in rural America or the bustling city centers, it becomes evident that tech careers occupy a paramount position in the contemporary job market. These positions are not only in high demand but are also renowned for their substantial earning potential.

The allure of tech professions stretches far and wide, promising rewarding financial prospects and stability in an ever-evolving job landscape.

Here are 7 tech jobs with salaries $100,00 or higher.

1. Mobile app developer

Application developers enjoy an average annual income that spans from $119,000 to $165,000. These skilled professionals specialize in creating mobile applications that cater to a diverse range of operating systems, such as iOS and Android.

The significance of app developers in today’s digital landscape cannot be overstated. With approximately 85% of the American population relying on smartphones, the demand for their expertise remains consistently high. Their responsibilities extend beyond the initial design phase; they are tasked with the ongoing development, testing, and regular updates of their applications.

Demand for app developers is indicative of the ever-evolving nature of technology. As smartphones become increasingly integrated into everyday life, their applications become indispensable tools for communication, entertainment, business, and more.

2. Development operations engineer

Development operations engineers start their careers with an initial salary of $108,000, with the potential to increase it to an impressive average of $157,000.

The pivotal role of a development operations engineer encompasses the orchestration and supervision of software development and deployment processes within expansive organizational frameworks.

This multifaceted position demands a blend of organizational and management skills. Furthermore, a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in the optimization and modernization of essential business software is essential.

The demand for development operations engineers continues to soar as companies recognize the critical role they play in facilitating seamless software development cycles. By connecting the gap between development and operations, these professionals contribute significantly to the efficiency and competitiveness of businesses in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

3. Site reliability engineer

Site reliability engineers typically start their careers with a salary of approximately $106,000, but as they accumulate experience and expertise, their earnings can increase to an average of $159,000.

The role of a Site Reliability Engineer revolves around the crucial task of upholding the constant development of software applications across an entire organization.

They are the guardians of operational continuity, ensuring that business processes run seamlessly even in the face of frequent developer updates and deployments.

The significance of site reliability engineers in the contemporary technological landscape cannot be overstated. In a world where digital operations underpin almost every aspect of business, the reliability of software applications is paramount.

Site reliability engineers connect the gap between development and operations, applying their intricate knowledge to create resilient systems that can withstand the ever-evolving demands of the digital world.

4. Front-end developer

Front-end developers typically start their careers with just around $81,000 as a base salary. However, for those seasoned in the field, the earning potential can surge to an annual figure of up to $132,000 on average.

Front-end developers play a pivotal role in the digital landscape by managing the user interface of websites. Their responsibilities encompass the creation of diverse components and the artful design of site layouts, all aimed at providing users with an exceptionally smooth and immersive web experience.

The importance of front-end developers lies in their ability to connect the gap between design aesthetics and functional usability. They are the architects of the online world’s visual appeal, ensuring that websites not only look captivating but also function seamlessly across different devices and browsers.

5. Web developer

The median starting salary for web developers typically falls in the vicinity of $89,000, while those seasoned in this field, specifically senior web developers with years of experience, can command substantial annual incomes, usually reaching an impressive $153,000.

In contrast to front-end developers who concentrate primarily on the user-facing aspects of a website, web developers undertake a more comprehensive role.

They construct a website starting from its foundational elements. Consequently, their responsibilities extend across both the front-end, where user interactions occur, and the back end, which involves behind-the-scenes functionality.

Web developers play an indispensable role in the digital landscape, acting as the architects who bring the entire online experience to life. As a result, a career in web development offers very competitive salary.

6. Ecommerce analyst

Ecommerce analysts typically embark on their career journey with an initial salary hovering around $90,000, but as they accumulate valuable experience, their earning potential escalates to an average of $126,000.

As the title implies, the role of an ecommerce analyst revolves around the meticulous examination of an e-commerce platform’s performance. Within this position, professionals get into the intricacies of a company’s website, analyzing trends of sales.

They use data-driven insights to craft comprehensive reports and engage in collaborative endeavors with advertisers, marketers, and developers. Their mission is to enhance the user experience and bolster online sales.

The significance of ecommerce analysts in today’s digital marketplace cannot be overstated. They serve as the navigators in the ever-evolving landscape of online commerce. Their expertise transforms raw data into actionable strategies, guiding companies to becoming more profitable.

7. Artificial intelligence architect

The profession of an AI architect represents a relatively recent addition to the job market, with an initial salary averaging around $128,000. For those who gain more expertise in this field, the earning potential reaches a substantial annual figure of up to $178,000.

AI architects are the masterminds behind the design and execution of strategies that bring artificial intelligence systems into the daily operations of businesses. Their role demands a comprehensive understanding of the unique requirements and nuances of various technical specialists within the team, including but not limited to developer operations engineers and data security specialists.

Choosing a career as an AI architect not only presents a promising income trajectory but also offers the opportunity to shape the future of how businesses leverage AI to enhance their operations, customer experiences, and competitive advantage.

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